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distribution of Consumer Electronics


User manuals and software for our products in different languages can be downloaded here.

Please enter article number in order to identify your product. Alternatively you can either enter enitre product name (also partially) or it‘s brand (e.g. MILLENNIUM) in order to narrow your search which allows you to see entire list of eligible products.

How to find article No. and name of your product:
The best way to find No. of article or it‘s designation or brand is on the rating plate info which is normally placed on the bottom of the product. Article No. starts weather with capital „M“ like e.g. M800 when being a Millennium Product, or with capital „T“ like e.g. T90101 when being a Telefunken product.

The name your of the product is normally printed on the product itself and also placed on it‘s rating plate next to article No. like e.g. M800 „EUROPE CHESS MASTER 2“. 


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