Development, production and
distribution of Consumer Electronics

Unsere Geschichte

Innovation is our calling

MILLENNIUM 2000 GmbH, founded in 1996, is an innovative and flexible private company, with headquarters in Munich, Germany.

Our products and solutions in the field of consumer electronics development are manufactured and distributed by our own company, and also in partnership with leading companies in the industry.

Above all, however, we view ourselves as a full-service provider.

Our manufacturing partners in the Far East follow the strictest German quality standards, and are in constant contact with our office in Hong Kong. Our products are certified by renowned German testhouses and meet the latest chemical limits.

Social commitment is an integral part of our business concept. In 2007, MILLENNIUM became a member of the "Business Social Compliance Initiative".

Continuity is one of our core values. In 2011, Maximilian Hegener – representing the second generation - joined the executive board to work alongside the original founders, Manfred Hegener and Ossi Weiner.