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NEW! "The King" Module ChessGenius Exclusive

Available from mid 2018 in specialist shops

Expand the possibilities of your ChessGenius Exclusive

The long-awaited program MILLENNIUM The King created by Dutch programmer Johan de Koning will come to market as an extension for the ChessGenius Exclusive in mid 2018. At the request of many chess friends and in reminiscence of the legendary TASC chess computer, the new MILLENNIUM module was drafted in an elegant wooden, "retro design" housing.

Where does the difference between the two MILLENNIUM chess programs lie?

The program ChessGenius convinces with its excellent strategic move-based game. It pounces mercilessly on its opponent's weaknesses and is known for its especially strong endgame.

On the other hand, The King generally seeks to win space actively and dynamically, pushing the opponent back and excelling through its tactical offensive game -- making it difficult to beat even for very strong human opponents. This should make The King the first choice for ambitious chess enthusiasts who are looking for an extremely able training partner.


Funktionen, technische Daten


The King's outstanding playing ability

First test results have been exceptional
According to insiders, this could be the first "classic" chess computer to reach a grandmaster level of ≤ 2500 Elo

The King's extended software

offers a variety of adjustable styles of play with differing characteristics
offers Individually adjustable program parameters (e.g. selectivity, chance factor, material, king safety, ...)

Available mid 2018 at specialist retailers. Price: 199.00€ (RRP)


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NEW! "The King" Module ChessGenius Exclusive

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