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NEW! Bluetooth Module ChessGenius Exclusive

Available from mid 2018 in specialist shops

All new possibilities

In the world of chess computers, the new C-Module (= connectivity module), which can be connected to the MILLENNIUM Exclusive chess board with fully automatic figure recognition, opens up hitherto unknown possibilities. The C-Module features both a USB port as well as a Bluetooth receiver.

This being an open system, the specifications are released to any interested developers worldwide. The MILLENNIUM interface code can be integrated into any GUI, e.g. Android or Apple iOS smartphones and tablets, as well as Windows or Apple computers.

A convenient Android app ("Chess for Android" by Aart Bik) for using high-powered UCI engines (e.g. Komodo,
Stockfish, ...) is almost finished.

The world-class program HIARCS (for iPhone or iPad) is included as well. Based on the example of an Apple iPad Pro, this app achieves an incredible playing ability of over 3100 Elo. Fortunately, it can also adapt to the user's level of play automatically and show the users ELO rating.

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The MILLENNIUM C-Module allows you to connect a variety of mobile or stationary devices to the MILLENNIUM sensor board and play against preinstalled programs or numerous Winboard or UCI engines, compete against gambling partners from all over the world on the internet, use external chess databases to save as many chess games as you like and have them analysed automatically, and much more

​Available mid 2018 at specialist retailers.


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MILLENNIUM Play - Produkt erstellen

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MILLENNIUM Play - Produkt erstellen

NEW! Bluetooth Module ChessGenius Exclusive

MILLENNIUM Play - ChessGenius Exclusive

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MILLENNIUM Play - Produkt erstellen

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MILLENNIUM Play - Produkt erstellen

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