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MILLENNIUM Life - Europe Chess Master II
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Europe Chess Master II

The chess computer for the whole family

Playing chess and 7 more board games.


  • Large LCD-display with white background illumination showing entire field
  • Extensive functions: help-, learning- und controlling
  • Interaktive chess training with 100 pre-stored exercise positions 
  • 13 languages for menue selectable
  • Numerous difficulties
  • Position control, position input and retraction possible
  • Comfortably operated by sensor board
  • Position memory when switiching off device
  • Operated by 3 x AA batteries (included)

Funktionen, technische Daten

Playing chess and 7 more popular board games: Checkers, Revesi, Halma, 4 in a Row, NIm , Fox & Goose and Northcote  


Chess computer


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