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MILLENNIUM Play - ChessGenius
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One of the most powerful Chess Computers ever!

The MILLENNIUM Chess Genius chess computer is based on exactly this amazing world champion program. Due to its nearly endless different settings and its unbeatable playing strength of more than 2000 ELO (according to international Tournament standards) this genuine Chess Computer is considered being the perfect playing partner for all players of all levels from the beginner up to expert tournament player.

Game levels & Game speed:

  • Nearly endless possibilities foradjusting game levels
  • Average time per move selectable
  • Max. playing time adjustable
  • Offers very high tournament levels
  • Many levels especially for beginners
  • Proposes alternative moves on display
  • Indicates 2nd, 3rd, 4th best moves

Especially for Chess Professionals

  • > 20.000 Opening positions
  • Versatile analyse mode (Text-  and Chessboard-Display)
  • Displays position evaluation and Main positions
  • Any position can be entered

Especially for Beginners

  • Chess trainer: advises bad moves, offers resetting and generates proposals for alternative moves
  • Help-Function: offers all legal moves
  • Unlimited  reverse and forward- playing

Special Features & User Comfort

  • Comvenient Menu-System allows easy settings and adjustments
  • Big, illuminated  Display showing the entire


  • Exceptionally big Chessfield
  • Multilingual menu navigation
  • Different game modes: player vs. computer, player vs.player, etc.
  • Energy saving mode (Device switches off  automatically when not in use or changes into sleep mode when player is reflecting).



Funktionen, technische Daten

Processor:         ARM Cortex M4 / 48 MHz

Chessboard:      pressure sensor             

Display:            Chessboard, illuminated

Navigation :       7 languages, text-based

Languages:        DE / GB / FR / NL / ES / IT / RU

Software:           CHESS GENIUS

Meas. Cabinet:                    ca. 30 x 27,6 cm

Meas. Chessboard:             20 x 20 cm

Power Supply:

  • 3 x AA 1,5 V tpe Alkaline batteries (incl.)

Connection for Power adaptor present



  • 3 x AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Set of Chessmen
  • User's Manual

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